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Alpaca Shearing &

Husbandry Service

Preparation for Shearing Day

You and your Alpacas need to be prepared in advance so that the day can operate as smoothly as possible.

Please clear your paddock about a week before to avoid twigs & burrs becoming entangled in the fleece.

If it looks like rain please keep your Alpacas shut in a dry clean place as we can not shear wet Alpacas.

We need a large flat floor place of at least 5 metre by 3 metres. 

You will need to provide bags for the Alpaca fleece (we recommend 3 for each animal) marker pens & tags.

If outside, we can use posts or improvise; we have used our vehicles, a tractor & various agricultural implements.

We are versatile and like to come fully prepared so please let us know the access, terrain and whether we need to bring a generator.

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Checklist for Shearing Day

  • Bags for Alpaca Fleeces (3 recommended for each Alpaca). 

  • Soft Brushes 

  • Towels & Rags

  • Halters & Leads

  • First Aid Kit

  • Handlers to Lead Alpacas

  • Old Socks (to prevent Spitting!)

  • Helpers to Bag Fleece

  • Marker Pens & Labels

  • Helpers to Sweep up between Shearings

  • Finally Refreshments for short Breaks

Getting the Job Done

  • We aim to treat your Alpaca as we would our own.

  • We are as bio-security conscious as we can be.

  • We disinfect all equipment between each job to prevent any possibility of cross contamination from farm to farm. All euipment is sprayed with a vet approved TB disinfectant. 

  • We will do our best to arrive at the agreed time on the agreed date.

We THANKYOU for taking the time to read our website and encourage you to email Andy at with your contact details to discuss next years Shearing or any Husbandry Services that you require.

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